Fontana Mini Wine Kit Sauvignon Blanc Style

Fontana Mini Wine Kit Sauvignon Blanc Style

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Why choose a mini wine kit? Our Fontana mini wine kits make approximately 5 litres of wine in 10 days, plus they include everything you need to get that wine started in as little as 5 minutes. With these kits you have a shorter fermentation time before you are able to drink your homemade wine. If you are unfamiliar with the type of wine you would like to drink choosing one of these mini kits allows you to sample different wines inexpensively and in a shorter period of time. Many first time winemakers are not sure if they want to make the commitment long term, and these mini kits will give you some experience and perhaps an insight into whether or not you want to try to make a bigger batch with one of our 23 litre kits.

Start to finish in 10 days

Everything you need is inside the box to make 5 litres of Wine.

No need for pail, carboy, cleaners, sanitizers, bottles, corks or any other equipment.

Sauvignon Blanc Smoky flavours of apple, grass, and olive set against a crisp acidity. It can be heavy or light, while its acidity allows it to cut through foods which might ordinarily be too heavy for lighter wines. Best enjoyed in warmer weather with a casual meal.

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